Masbate City has again reduced the number of poor city dwellers and posted a 6.7 percent decline from 2009 to 2012.

Data from the 2012 Municipal and City Level Poverty Estimates recently released by the Philippine Statistics Authority, PSA, shows that for 2012, the poverty incidence in Masbate City is only 22.2%.

It will be remembered that in the 2009 poverty incidence report by the National Statistics and Coordination Board, NSCB, the number of poor families in Masbate City dropped significantly by 11.18% from the 2003 National, Regional and Provincial Poverty Survey. From 40.08% in 2003, it dropped to 28.9%.

The poverty survey report is released every three years.

Table below shows the significant decline of the number of poor families in Masbate City per year report by the NSCB.


2000 (Released Nov. 2005)2003 (Released Dec. 15, 20082009 (Released Aug. 3, 20122012 (Released Jan. 28, 2015

Meanwhile in the latest survey report for Bicol Region, PSA said that Masbate City is included in the “ten least poor municipalities/cities in 2012”.

For City Level, here are the reductions in the number of poor families:  


 20092012% Difference
1. Naga City24.4%15.7%-8.7%
2. Legazpi City30.7%17.3%-13.4%
3. Sorsogon City27.6%19.5%-8.1%
4. Masbate City28.9%22.2%-6.7%
5. Iriga City31.5%23.0%-8.5%
6. Tabaco City35.1%23.8%-11.3%
7. Ligao City40.5%29.1%-11.4%