BUNTOD REEF MARINE SANCTUARY – ranked as the Philippines second most resilient coral reef area in terms of broad-scale and local-scale factors (Bucol et.al, 2011). It occupies 20 hectares of core zone and 100 hectares of buffer zone.

From the wharf in Rendezvous Hotel. the boat will take you to the sanctuary for 15 minutes with Bantay Dagat staffs (SAMAPUSI members) as boatmen and guides.

The reef discovery theme of the ecotourism in Buntod Marine Sanctuary would offer quality reef guiding services and sumptuous local meals which are offered by these all male-group. Fun learning and discovery would be part of the whole experience as tourists appreciate the beauty and marvel of corals and the other life forms that it support including humans. Likewise, environmental principles and the simple way of practicing it in everyday life would be also be injected in the interpretation. To stir sense of advocacy and inspire visitors, SAMAPUSI could also share their own story of transformation from being violators into environmental advocates and champions guiding service and for safety reasons. the tourist-guide ration was set at 1:3

Upon entering the sandbar, tourist must sign in the logbook for facilitated monitoring of the number of visitors already in the area. Adhering to the concepts of responsible traveling and ecological conservation, several practices would be maintained in the area. Garbage must be disposed properly in trash cans available in the kiosks. Segregation of biodegradable and non biodegradable waste should be properly observed. Cutting of twigs is prohibited.

Valid identification cards such as government issued ID and passport for foreign tourist must be presented during the registration for the tour. Please bring these documents with you for a worry-free visit. Cancellations: Tours for the Buntod Reef Discovery can be suspended any day due to unfavorable climatic/weather conditions. in such case. the affected visitor may opt to rebook for the tour on a late date or seek a refund of amount paid for the tour. Management shall waive all rebooking fees or refund surcharges.

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