The City Government and Natural Resources Office is primarily tasked in the implementation of the Solid Waste Management Program of the City. The office is manned by a City ENRO with the following personnel and staff:

  1. Foreman/Timekeeper for Garbage Collection
  2. Foreman/Timekeeper for street sweepers
  3. Foreman/Timekeeper for grass cutters, caretaker for controlled dumpsite, landscaping team, garbage loader operator
  4. Ten (10) garbage truck drivers
  5. Sixteen(16) garbage collectors
  6. Forty-five (45) street sweepers
  7. Bulldozer/pay loader operator
  8. Six (6) office personnel performing administrative functions
  1. Garbage Collection

    In support of the conduct of garbage collection and cleanliness, the City Government has provided the following equipment:

    1. Five (5) units open dump trucks, three (3) of which are 10-wheelers with a maximum payload capacity of 5 tons, one (1) 6-wheeler with a maximum payload capacity of 1.5 tons.
    2. One (1) bulldozer and one (1) pay loader stationed at the controlled dumpsite. Two (2) grass cutters used for trimming off grasses in some open and vacant spaces and areas.

    To vehicles/equipment are being operated by (10) truck drivers on a shift basis. Garbage collection is being done daily by (16) garbage collectors, four (4) on each dump truck.

    To maintain cleanliness, forty-five (45) street sweepers and two grass cutter operators are dispersed in urban areas, especially in public places.

    Six (6) personnel compose the office staff, performing general administrative functions.


    Out of thrity (30) barangays in the City, only ten (10) urban barangays and two(2) rural barangays are being serviced, with an average of 14,280.96 kg of mixed garbage collected daily.

    Hereunder is the frequency of street cleaning and garbage collection:

    Name of Barangay/Area Street Cleaning Garbage Collection
    Nursery Mon-Sat, twice a day/ Sun, once a day Daily
    Ibingay Daily
    Espinosa Mon-Sat, twice a day/ Sun, once a day
    Kalipay (JTF) Mon-Sat, twice a day/ Sun, once a day Daily
    Bagumbayan Mon-Sat, twice a day/ Sun, once a day Daily
    Bapor Mon-Sat, twice a day/ Sun, once a day Daily
    Pating Mon-Sat, twice a day/ Sun, once a day Daily
    F. Magallanes Mon-Sat, twice a day/ Sun, once a day Daily
    Centro Mon-Sat, twice a day/ Sun, once a day Daily
    Kinamaligan Near Purok Gulayan, Twice a day Daily
    Tugbo Cagba area, twice a day Daily
    Malinta NONE As requested
    Market Site Mon-Sun, twice a day Daily
    Jollibee NONE Thrice a day
    1. Beautification
      1. Maintenance of City Hall Compound and Landscape
      2. Regular grass trimming at the Magallanes Coliseum landscape and Rizal Park
      3. Grass trimming and cleaning inside the compound of Civil Service Commission
    2. Cleanliness Drive
      1. Sustained street cleaning throughout the City Propoer , part of Tugbo and Kinamaligan
      2. De-clogging of canals of non-biodegradable wastes like plastic bags
      3. Regular clean-up at ice plant, integrated bus/jeepney terminal including the stairway other wastes.
      4. Sustained information/education campaign on Solid Waste Management in schools and barangay assemblies.

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