PAWA MANGROVE NATURE PARK – The City’s biggest area of natural mangrove growth. Experience the dramatic of the 300 hectares of Mangrove Plantation along its 1.3km boardwalk.

At the side of the walkway are kiosks made of local wood materials. Constructed in 2005, this walkway was intended primarily to serve as an alternative route for community members. Later, as the coastal road was developed, the walkway become less accessed as a route. With this establishment of the mangrove part this walkway was transformed into a tourism facility. As one of the tourism sites, the area offers an ambiance suitable for tourist who are looking for a quiet place to relax with a marine nature’s feel. A day of nature trip to the mangrove park would be more than just trekking but also a day of experiential and facilitated learning. The park is the site for the mangrove tree planting activities and serves as the same area for reforestation and carry the deep sense of environmental advocacy. From the jump off point of the tourists, they could take a tricycle ride through the coastal road which starts in SitioCalulod of Brgy. Malinta and are equally interested in seeing the local community first. This would take 40 minutes.

  • Buffet Meals
  • Permits and Fees
  • Tour Guide
  • Propagules for Mangrove Planting (low tide)
  • Boat Paddling (High tide)

Do not forget to bring your sunblock. hat. extra clothes and booties.

Please bring valid ID and other documents needed for a hassle free tour.

Travel Advisory:

The carrying capacity of the mangrove nature park determines the maximum number of tourists that the area could accommodate without experiencing disturbance and damages impact.

The canying capacity was set to a limit of 50 persons per day. This coincides with the number of visitors that the kiosk could only accommodate. To deliver quality tour guiding service and for safety reason. the tourist-guide ratio was set at 1:3. The maximum boat load on the other hand is 3 persons.

Adhering to the concepts of responsible traveling and ecological conservation, several practices would be maintained in the area. Upon entering, all are expected to follow rules and protocols of the nature park. Segregation of biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes should be observed. Recreation activities should be done properly in designated areas. There would be certain portions in the park for picnic and boating. Cutting of twigs, collection of wildlife souvenirs are strictly prohibited.


Tours for the Pawa Mangrove Nature Park can be suspended any day due to unfavourable climatic/weather conditions. In such case, the affected visitor may opt to rebook for the tour on a late date or seek a refund of amount paid for the tour. Management shall waive all rebooking fees or refund surcharges.

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